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‘Smart manufacturing’ synonymously used with ‘Industry 4.0’, shortened to I4.0 or simply I4 is a technology-driven approach that encompasses fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems that employ internet-integrated machinery to monitor manufacturing processes in real-time via an open infrastructure. Smart manufacturing involves interoperable systems, intelligent automation, multi-scale dynamic simulation and includes 3D printing,  big data processing, advanced industrial robotics with networked sensors,  industrial internet of things (IIoT), and distributed manufacturing technologies with strong cybersecurity. 

These cyber-physical systems entail synergy of production and digital technologies to enable rapid adaptability and design changes, using data analytics that enables newer areas of innovation to optimize manufacturing by creating enhanced quality products, accelerating productivity, increasing energy efficiency, and sustaining safety. They enhance production processes and optimize supply chains by finding solutions to existing and future problems at the speed of business.  

  • Jobs will be created till 2022 in manufacturing sector

  • Potential for manufacturing sector in India till 2025

  • Growth in manufacturing sector till 2025 in India

  • largest technology start up base in the world: India


India is one of the 53 member countries of the Industrial Development Board which is a governing body of the UNIDO**


Evolving a National Strategy


Prime Minister launched the Centre for the fourth industrial revolution. 


SAMARTH Udhyog- Initiative to create an ecosystem for the propagation of Industry 4.0 set of technologies in every Indian manufacturing by 2025.

Advancing Smart Manufacturing Technologies

IIT Khargpur

Industry 4.0 project at Department of Heavy Industry- Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Smart Manufacturing Technologies News & Updates from India

Smart manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing Technology
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Jan 13 2021
Smart Manufacturing Technology
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Jan 05 2021
 Industry 4.0
Smart Manufacturing Technology
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Dec 27 2020

Smart Manufacturing Technologies News & Updates from across the world

Semiconductor Shortage

The Semiconductor Shortage Has Come for the Auto Industry

3-D print detailed glass objects

Researchers develop laser-based process to 3-D print detailed glass objects

3-D-printed smart gel

3-D-printed smart gel changes shape when exposed to light

Transforming processes

Transforming processes using automation

3-D printed UV-curable

Researchers prepare tailored and wearable sensor via 3-D printed UV-curable sacrificial mold

COVID/manufacturing era

Touching less, worrying less, doing more in the COVID/manufacturing era

Semiconductor Shortage

The Semiconductor Shortage Has Come for the Auto Industry


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