Mega Science Vision - 2035


The Government of India (GOI) has been supporting participation in Mega Science Projects for some time now. These projects appeal to the scientific curiosity of researchers in search of answers to some of the important questions facing the world of science and are of interest to a large scientific community from within the country and outside. The Mega Science Projects are very large in terms of outlays and the complexity involved, making it necessary for a user group, institution or even individual countries to join hands with other similarly interested partners. Implementation of such projects involves multi-institutional teams, including possible international collaboration.



The next Mega Science Vision (MSV)-2035 Exercise has been undertaken by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the GOI.  The support to projects has now become necessary in fields of research due to the need for experimentation, collection, and analysis of data on large scale. The Year 2035 has been chosen keeping in view the timelines of similar exercises undertaken elsewhere in the world and the expected lifetime of the utilization of major global facilities in which India is involved at the present time. The MSV-2035 Exercise has begun in the right earnest and will result in Road-Map Documents in the said areas after widespread national stakeholder consultations.