Empowered Technology Group (ETG)



Established with the approval of the Union Cabinet, the Empowered Technology Group (ETG) aims to proactively lay down, coordinate, and oversee national-level policies relating to

  • 01

    Procurement and Induction of technologies 

  • 02

    Research and Development (R&D) in technologies that require large outlays in resources, both financial and human

  • 03

    Render sound and timely advice for determining direction and trajectory of Government's R&D and Technology Development Programmes

  • To ensure India has pragmatic policies to facilitate utilisation of the latest technologies for economic growth and sustainable development.
  • Advise the Government on priorities and strategies for research on emerging technologies across sectors.
  • Maintain an updated map of technology and technology products available, and being developed, across India.
  • Develop an indigenization roadmap for selected key technologies.
  • Advise the Government on its technology supplier and procurement strategy.
  • Encourage both State & Central government to develop in-house expertise in policy and use aspects of emerging technologies.
  • Formulate policies for sustainability of public sector technology at PSUs/Labs
  • Encouraging cross-sector collaborations and research alliances with Universities and Private Companies.
  • Formulate standards and common vocabulary for vetting of proposals for R&D

Pillars of Empowered Technology Group

  • policy
    Policy Guidance
  • procurement
    Procurement Support
  • r&d
    R&D Support

Empowered Technology Group


Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India


Chairman of Atomic  Energy Commission

Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission

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Chairman, Space Commission

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Chairman, Defence Research and Development Organisation

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Ministry of Electronics &  Information Technology

Secretary, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

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Secretary, D/o  Telecom

Secretary, D/o Telecom

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Secretary, D/o  Science & Technology

Secretary, D/o Science & Technology

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ETG will be supported by Technology Advisory Group (TAG) comprising of 10 members from academia and 10 members from industry.

Our Stakeholders

  • scientific and line ministries

    Scientific and line ministries

  • State governments

    State governments

  • r&d labs

    R&D labs

  • CPSEs


  • industry


The Technology Officers nominated from scientific and line ministries will be their nodal interfaces with ETG.