Inviting Proposals for Smart Meter by Smart Power India (GEAPP)

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating a Hackathon organised by Smart Power India (GEAPP) to develop a smart meter prototype and deploy it in both mini-grids and interested State utilities.

Here are the details of the Smart Meter Prototype Hackathon:

1. Develop a (hardware and software) prototype solution (sub $15) to address the lack of two-way communication between the end customer and mini-grid developer.

2. Address the gaps in technology and infrastructure for metering, billing, and collection by providing data on units consumed, using a centralised server to monitor the meters, and defining parameters for collection efficiency along with monitoring capabilities for billing. For example, if a customer defaults on the payment, the connection can be controlled by the server itself.

3. Additionally, it aims to encourage innovation and loop in energy start-ups to contribute to the provision of reliable energy access to the last mile.

4. The prototype should also engage communication technology for real-time data capturing. For example, LoRA (Long range radio technology).


1. Three months for the development of the solution whilst a shortlisting procedure (Tentatively September – November).
2. Six months for implementation of the pilot by winning startup (Tentatively February onwards).

Expected Outcomes:

1. Smart Meter Prototype ready to deploy for the pilot. 
2. In the prototype development phase, which can be ready to deploy for the pilot, by end of the duration of mentorship offered via the hackathon.

Email submissions to by October 31, 2022, preferably through the template attached.

The details of the requirements are attached here and here.


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