Inviting proposals for "Extraction of thick coal seams from underground mines" by the Ministry of Coal

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating a call for proposals “Extraction of thick coal seams from underground mines” by the Ministry of Coal.

Suitable mining method is to be developed for exploitation of thick seam (> 6.0 m), so as to extract maximum quantity of coal form underground mines. Coal which cannot be extracted using present mining method becomes the loss of the resources and prone to spontaneous heating creating safety and environment concern. These thick coal seams are existing at relatively large depths.

Following problems are associated with thick seam mining
1) Difficulty in strata control and its monitoring.
2) Risk of overriding of pillars leading to premature collapse (in case of bord and pillar workings)
3) Low percentage extraction, usually < 50% when extraction is done by bord and pillar method.

A suitable techno-economic methods of extraction needs to be developed so that available thick coal seams in India could be exploited with due consideration of conservation and safety to meet the future demand of energy.


Purpose is to mine high grade coal locked in thick seam (> 6.0 m), thin coal seam (<2.0m), Inclined seam & geologically disturbed coal seams.

Expected Outcomes

To find out suitable and cost-effective mining method for extraction of thick coal seam from underground mines with due regards to safety

Interested applicants can submit their proposal for the extraction of thick coal seams from underground mines

Timeline:  The last date to apply is 30th June 2023

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