Invitation to participate in Indo-Sweden Matchmaking in Circular Economy and Health (Publication date: 2 Feb, 2022) (Results)

ignite sweden

Ignite Sweden, in collaboration with Office of PSA, invites participation in a Swedish-Indian initiative in Circular Economics and Health.

Please register your interest in participating in a matchmaking that will create mixed teams with researchers and SMEs from the two countries who can participate in future calls.

The following subtopics are the foundation for the matchmaking between research groups and SMEs:

- Challenges related to value chains, e.g. material flows such      as electronic, plastic, textile, medical, mining and ocean            wastes, recycling processes, etc.

- Comparative studies and projects analyzing the short- and       long-term effects of circular initiatives. 

- Waste to wealth 

- Societal challenges for a transition to a circular economy          including policies, government, etc. as well as aspects relevant for the citizens

- Business models for a circular economy

- Welfare, including work-life and health

For the registration link and other details, Click here 

Late date for submission is February 06, 2022


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