Innovative solutions invited by Sterlite for sludge management & non-obstructive ducting-deploying fiber (Publication date: 6 Dec, 2021) (Results)


Sterlite Technologies Limited (STL) is a data networks solutions leader that designs, builds and manages smarter digital networks globally. It provides end-to-end network solutions for global telecom companies, cloud companies, citizen networks and the defense. STL was facilitated by Office of PSA to explore innovative solutions on two of their important problem statements:

Problem Statement 1 (PS1) - Application of Sludge: Reuse the sludge leading to Zero Landfill - STL is committed to become a “Zero Waste to Landfill” company and is looking for diversion of sludge wastes away from the landfill without any environmental impact. They are looking for solutions which are (1) Environmental friendly option (2) Commercially competitive to current method. For more details, CLICK HERE  

Problem Statement 2 (PS2) – Services - Non-Obtrusive Ducting: Innovative solution to reduce the Carbon footprints during deployment. STL is looking for solutions to challenge the conventional process of deploying fiber and creating over 10X improvement in the rate of deployment on ground. For more details, CLICK HERE 

If you are working in any of the areas mentioned above, please send us your solutions using the template available here. While sending the email, mention the problem statement for which you are sending the solution and submit it  to by December 12, 2021.


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