Infosys invites Start-ups with solutions in Fintech and E-commerce (Publication date: 1 Feb, 2022) (Results)


Infosys BPM, facilitated by the Office of PSA, is looking for start-ups working in Fintech and E-commerce. They are specifically looking for solutions in following areas:

1. Solutions available in the market for B2B payments               addressing the following two points:

-  Source level interventions reducing exceptions
-  Repairs and investigation that can go thru self-touch and          self-heal

2. Solutions to enhance the client experience for one of            the e-commerce retailer

- Evaluation of Customer Demand and Seller Competition – Identify products which are in demand and gauge the competition for selling that particular product. i.e., find the products with high customer demand and how many sellers are selling that product. Additionally, It will help if we can get the pricing analysis with variations in price of the   product. 
- Inventory Management Solution – Multiple Marketplace, Coordination – Manage inventory for seller along with order        management helping them with logistics of products.

For more details, please refer to following  documents for each problem statement,
- B2B payments, Click Here
- E-commerce, Click Here

If you are working in any of the above mentioned areas and have ready innovations available, please send your one page note describing the solution that you have. Please make sure to clearly mention the problem statement that you are proposing solution for (a) B2B payment or (b) E-commerce. 

Send your submissions to latest by 3 Feb, 2022.


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