DISQovery2022-Innovate for Purposeful Impact (Publication date: 29 Nov, 2021) (Results)



TCS DISQ, facilitated by Office of PSA, have come back with DISQ innovation challenge 2022. Digital Impact Square (DISQ)’s unique model transforms young Innovators (age 19-27) to changemakers and social entrepreneurs. DISQ mentors these young innovators to develop entrepreneurial skills and create social impact at scale by leveraging digital technology and human centric design.

Digital Impact Square’s ‘DISQovery 2022’ initiative is looking for teams of young innovators (Age 19-27) with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, who want to turn an idea or a concept into a successful social enterprise and are willing to commit the next 12-18 months to further their cause in the area of Assistive Technologies, AgriTech, Health & Wellness Tech and Sustainability Tech.

You may apply to DISQ Cohort 2022 under one of the four thematic areas:
1.     Assistive Tech Challenge
2.    AgriTech Challenge
3.    Health and Wellness Tech Challenge
4.    Sustainability Tech Challenge

Those who are interested, please visit this link to apply – https://bit.ly/DISQovery2022


In case of any queries, you may write to digital.impactsquare@tcs.com

You can also go through the Success Stories of Digital Impact Square


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