Call for the second cohort of the Climate Label for Women in Energy Program, Climate Collective Foundation

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating the second cohort of ‘Climate Label for Women in Energy’, a program for aspiring women entrepreneurs in energy by Climate Collective Foundation.

About the Program:

It is an 8-week course for young women enrolled in graduates/postgraduates /Ph.D. courses who aspire to start their entrepreneurship journey in the clean energy space. It is one of the four programs under the umbrella of the flagship initiative named Women in Climate Entrepreneurship (WICE). The program is 100% virtual and free for aspiring women entrepreneurs and is run in support of the New Energy Nexus and Good Energies Foundation.

The 8-week course is divided into three phases.  

In phase 1, participants will learn the basics of climate and entrepreneurship through self-paced courses, interactive workshops, case studies, collaborative assignments, etc. to gain subject knowledge on climate change with a focus on clean energy and energy access 
In phase 2, participants will undergo a hands-on learning phase by emulating the journey of successful startup founders in clean tech 
Phase 3 would involve practical exposure, through an internship or market validation of the participant’s business idea. 

Who can apply?

1. Women students pursuing master’s or Doctorate (Ph.D.) in any university have an aptitude for technology. 
2. Students enrolled in a diploma or graduate programs like engineering/B.Sc.

Link for the application form: Click here to apply.

Timeline: Applications close on August 15, 2022.

Note: Interested candidates can apply as individuals or in teams of a maximum of 3 members. If candidates wish to apply with a team of more than 3 members, they are requested to first email us at


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