Call for proposals in Water and livelihood by Standard Chartered


Standard Chartered Global Business Services (GBS) is looking for new proposals for this financial year. Per their CSR initiatives, the following are the focus areas:

  • Water
  • Livelihood
  • Women empowerment


In addition, GBS would also be screening proposals in the areas of ‘Water’ and ‘Livelihood in and around Tamil Nadu & Karnataka’ or a combination of all the above. Any projects addressing water-related issues that are based in rural settings and support the local livelihood are welcome. 
Share write-ups/ proposals in the above-mentioned areas that explain the scope of the project, geography being served, tentative timeline, and budgetary requirements.

Submit your write-ups to 

Deadline for submission: May 4th, 2021.

As per the government regulations, submit the CSR Form 1 and have a CSR registration number along with 12A and 80G. Without these documents, GBS will not be able to consider the project. The payout of the approved projects is scheduled for 2022 February/ March.


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