Call for proposals by Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Pvt Ltd- To find an alternative eco-friendly solution for vehicles cleaning to prevent air, water and soil pollution (Publication date: 19 Apr, 2022) (Results)

Dorf ketal

Dorf-Ketal Chemicals Pvt Ltd , in collaboration with Office of PSA to GOI is looking for alternative eco-friendly solutions for vehicle cleaning to prevent air, water, soil pollution. Dorf-Ketal will support the project under its CSR initiative. The project duration can be around 18months. 

Click here for more details on budget, timelines etc.

To apply, email your proposals to  by April 30, 2022

Click here to download the template for R&D proposal submission.

Please make sure NOT to mention company’s name (Dorf Ketal) anywhere in the proposal.


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