Call for proposals for cost-effective and efficient motor technologies by Smart Power India (Publication date: 29 Nov, 2021) (Results)


The Ikea Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation have recently joined forces to build USD 1 billion a global platform to fight climate and energy poverty. The platform aims to empower 1 billion people with distributed renewable energy (DRE) generated from sources such as mini-grid and off-grid solutions, located near the point of use, rather than centralized sources like power plants. Smart Power India (SPI) - a fully owned subsidiary of The Rockefeller Foundation, is inviting start-ups to provide technology solutions for inefficient motors and appliances that are widely used in rural MSMEs. SPI was established in 2015 with the vision of providing access to quality and reliable electricity to Rural India.

Currently, millions of productive use enterprises (MSMEs) in rural India use various types of motors to run their equipment and machinery that are inefficient. SPI is looking towards partnering with Start-ups to implement solutions for a large scale program for replacement of inefficient motors and power tools across energy intensive rural enterprises in India with cost-effective and super-efficient motor technologies. SPI would look at the kind of solutions the start-up would be able to provide in terms of cost-effective and efficient motor technology.

For detailed problem statement, CLICK HERE 

Those who are interested, please send your proposals to by Sept 24th, 2021. If found relevant and interesting, SPI would shortlist and call for further discussion. 


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