Call for proposals for Carbon Neutrality, Water Secure, Waste Recycling by Mahindra Group (Publication date: 26 Nov, 2021) (Results)


Mahindra Group, facilitated by Office of PSA, is looking to support proposals in some specific areas under Carbon Neutrality, Water Secure, Waste Recycling. They are primarily looking for technologies/ innovations in following areas :

1.    Viable energy storage system for Renewable energy and          Thermal energy storage. 
2.   Carbon Capture & Storage.
3.   Floating Solar System.
4.   Solar films for windowpanes.
5.   Plastic use optimisation in product & Improve its recyclability.
6.   Hazardous waste optimisation (Paint /ETP sludge + Cotton waste) and cost optimisation for disposal. 
7.   Foundry waste sand re-utilisation.
8.   High Density Battery System
9.   EV-Battery efficiency improvement 
10. EV – Charging infrastructure & Fast charging technologies 
11.  CO2 emission optimisation for Tractor tail pipe.
12.  Adoption of 3D printing and skid less manufacturing.
13.  Alternative to single use plastic

Mahindra group is open to look at R&D proposals, as well as ready innovations in the above mentioned areas. Proposals to set-up a Center of Excellence (CoE) focusing on any of the above areas are also welcome.

For more details, CLICK HERE

Interested individuals must submit their proposals in the given format to  by December 13th, 2021. In your e-mail, clearly mention the area for which you are making the submission. 

Template to draft your proposal: CLICK HERE



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