Call for proposal in Skilling and Climate solutions by HSBC bank (Publication date: 6 Jan, 2022) (Results)


HSBC bank is looking to support projects in two areas:

1.  Skills building and livelihoods : HSBC is interested  to support projects in the area of Skilling and Livelihood. The requirement from this project would be that 75% of the beneficiaries skilled need to be employed and stay in employment for three months which is tracked.   

2.  Climate Solutions Partnership: HSBC is keen to look for solutions in the area of Climate. It can be ready innovation or a research project in progress. It’s a broad area and covers any research topic that would help in solving the climate crisis ranging from Nature based solutions to energy transition. Some of the key points that HSBC will look in this project are mentioned in the attached document

If you are working in any of the areas above and are interested to apply, please send your proposals in the attached template to latest by 24 January, 2022. Refrain from mentioning Industrial partner’s name (HSBC) anywhere in the proposal. 

Eligibility conditions from HSBC 

- Proposer organization should be FCRA compliant.
- Since this will be CSR support, project proposal should be in line with schedule VII and section 135 of the companies act 2013

This call for proposal is being facilitated by Strategic Alliances Division, Office of PSA to the Government of India.


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