Call for Proposal for Quest 2022-Inviting Innovations in Infectious Diseases

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India Health Fund in partnership with The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is inviting innovations to address pressing problems affecting control, care, and cure of infectious diseases. 

Quest 2022 is just the opportunity that you've been looking for as an innovator. If you have an innovation that aligns with our focus areas in this Quest, apply now, seize the opportunity and get support from us.  


Screening and Diagnosis (airborne and vector borne illnesses):  
• Cost-effective innovations for easy sample collection, handling, and storage, that can minimize the risk of exposure to infectious pathogens.  
• Diagnostic solutions meeting ASSURED criteria for disease detection in high-risk populations like paediatric, adolescent, immunocompromised patients, patients with co-morbidities, and the elderly population. 

Care Pathways:  
• In-vivo drug delivery tools for infectious diseases to decrease the reliance on conventional methods of drug administration.  
• Tools for improving treatment adherence and outcomes for paediatric and adolescent patients.  
• Improving supply chain throughout various levels of care delivery. 

Disease Surveillance:  
• Environmental health surveillance, vector, plant, and animal disease surveillance innovations capable of integration into the existing surveillance systems that are human disease centric.  
• Increasing case finding & notification in infectious diseases through technologies that increase the integration of health information. 


•  Milestone-based funding support. 
• Need-based mentoring by a panel of experts for guidance on study design and validation, deployment, regulatory landscape, patent law, market analysis, and current policies. 
•  Collective engagement with public / private stakeholders and ‘Access to Infectious Diseases' Eco-system. 
• Access to resources for adoption in the health system and accelerated market adoption including support towards enabling demonstration through pilots, and advisory on go-to-market strategy. 


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