Call for proposal for MeitY - AWS Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL)

MeitY and AWS invite proposals for the second cohort of AWS Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL). The Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL), a collaboration between the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is strengthening its scientific research and industry focus for its second cohort, through new support from the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) to the Government of India (Read here). QCAL will help accelerate quantum computing-led research and development and enable new scientific discoveries in the area of quantum technologies.

QCAL will offer AWS Braket quantum computing as a service to the researchers, scientists, and developers, in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and aerospace engineering etc. along with technical and programmatic support from Amazon Internet Services, Pvt. Ltd. (AISPL) for the Lab. Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology and accelerate research and discovery. AISPL will help in skilling the project investigators, students, post docs who will be working in these projects. Workshops, and immersion days will be organized to help embark researchers on AWS cloud and Amazon Braket. 

The objectives of the MeitY Quantum Computing Application Lab (QCAL) are as follows:

1. Acceleration of India’s progress in quantum computing R&D including skilling.

2. Demonstration of social impact through cloud quantum computing technology by supporting experiments and development of prototype solutions across sectors such as financial services, chemical engineering, material sciences, agriculture and healthcare domains and others.

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To download the Call for proposal, 2022, Click here


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