Call for proposal for Cloud based software solutions by Ignite Sweden (Publication date: 6 Dec,2021) (Results)


Ignite Sweden team, on behalf of a construction company, is looking for Cloud-based software solutions through which handover of building documentation and/or visualizations /extractions (digital twin) of building data can be made.

Every building is handed over from the construction company to the buyer with a set of documents. This can be in form of paper folders or pdf documents on a USB stick. The construction company is looking for a cloud-based solution for the handover, storage and updating of building data. Preferably data could be extracted and visualized as a digital twin. The solution would provide storage and access to digital image of building (small/mid-size). The software should be suitable for the many small and mid-size new (commercial) building owners.

Start-ups working in this space may send us their 1-2 page brochures describing the solution and the overview of the start-up.

Please send your submissions to by December 6th, 2021.


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