Call for Proposal for CISCO’s CSR Project in Livelihoods by Sattva Consulting

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating request for proposal (RFP) for CISCO’s CSR Project in Livelihoods by Sattva Consulting. In response to the imminent and growing need for skill development interventions in technology and allied skills, Cisco wishes to play a key role by fostering skill development intervention in:

1.  Skilling & Employment
2.  Entrepreneurship
3.  Digital Literacy & Empowerment


•  Technology-driven skill development programme with employment/income enhancement as a key outcome
•  Potential for strategic partnerships with key ecosystem players and government stakeholders
•  Opportunity to strengthen Cisco’s brand identity through the program
•  Target beneficiaries should include underprivileged youth/women/any other high need segment of the population

Note: RFP can be submitted for more than one skill development intervention among skilling and employment, entrepreneurship and digital literacy and empowerment.

The last date to submit the application is November 10, 2022.

To know more and apply, Visit here


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