Call for Proposal for 5th cohort of ATF Enable Acceleration Program by AssisTech Foundation

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating the ATF Enable Acceleration Program: Cohort 5 by AssisTech Foundation. The ATF Enable Acceleration Program is an exclusive program for Assistive Technology based startups creating impact in the world through empowering people living with disability. It focuses on accelerating the startup's journey and assists them in seizing the limitless opportunities of growth and prosperity in the AT Sector.

ATF Enable Accelerator Program leads startups on a transformative journey where tailored support is provided to them along with limitless opportunities of networking and collaboration with an aim to take the startups forward from their current stage to a desired milestone. The program's spirit lies in unleashing the full potential of startups, assisting them in reaching their full potential and flourishing further ahead by accelerating their growth and impact.

Expected outcomes:

1.   Access to guidance and assistance by 55+ industry professionals and leaders in the domains of business, technology, accessibility, disability and inclusion.

2.  Access to global market through +N network opportunities of collaboration across the world especially in Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Europe.

3.   Access to partnership with 50+ CSR Initiatives.

4.  Access to target audiences for pilot testing and advertising the products and services to consumers through 500+ NGOs.

5.   Access to opportunities of receiving funding from 70+ investors (Impact investors, HNI and family fund houses). In the span of three years, 19 ATF Portfolio startups raised INR 40 Crores collectively.

6. Opportunities of partnership with government organisations and departments - NITI Aayog, AIM, AIC, state - Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Telangana.

The last date to submit the application is November 15, 2022.

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