Call for Novel Applications of Phosphogypsum by Coromandel International Limited Prajjwala Challenge by the Ministry of Rural Development

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating a Call for Novel Applications of Phosphogypsum by Coromandel International Limited.

They are seeking new ideas for the utilization of PG (Phosphogypsum) and invite the users to present their proposals for innovative applications of PG which are not being adopted today and have the potential for adoption on a large scale. If the proposals refer to the known industrial and agricultural applications of PG, they should offer ways to enhance the functional value and consumption of PG in these areas.

The proposal should describe the work planned for developing the idea into a viable commercial proposition. Ideas which are close to or ready for commercialization will be given preference.

The shortlisted proposals will be funded by the company to support the development work.  


Find novel applications of phosphogypsum that will increase the consumption of PG and thereby reduce the need to store it inside the phosphoric acid manufacturing plants. Storage requires large area of land which has to be lined to meet environmental guidelines. Phosphoric acid is a key ingredient for manufacture of fertilizers which in turn are critical inputs for agriculture. The problem of disposal of phosphogypsum is restricting the installation of new phosphoric acid plants. Thus, solutions for disposal of PG will support the growth of the fertilizer industry in India.


The last date to apply is 31st of January.

To know more and apply, click here. 


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