Call for Collaboration on Assistive Technologies with Digital Impact Square (DISQ), a TCS Foundation initiative (Publication date: 17 Mar, 2022) (Results)

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Over the last 4 years, DISQ is working to nurture and help build sustainable startups in the space of Assistive Solutions with focus on the Disabilities and the Geriatric Sectors. With its partners, DISQ provide a very strong domain ecosystem that enables Assistive Tech Startups to connect with experts, co-create with users and build strong traction in the communities of impact.

Opportunities for engagement for Academia with DISQ:

1. Academic Assistive technology Labs, CoEs, Expert Groups - that offers internal and external student access to build, test prototype technologies. You can enable access to labs which can provide young minds an opportunity to experiment and build prototypes using cutting edge technology 

2. Professors and Researchers that are working on assistive technology project and initiatives – Opportunities exist of academic licensing, , mentorship and be part of DISQ advisory council for assistive technologies. 

3. Incubation centers with focus on Social Impact and covering Assistive Technologies as focus area. - co-incubation of initiatives with DISQ. DISQ can provide field immersion, mentorship, and incubation at DISQ.

Click here to access more details on RFI for DISQ –Collaboration with Academic Institutes.

Please include these details in the expression of interest:

 1. Details of current and past startups or projects, if any, with focus on Assistive Tech

2. Details of Lab facilities to support such startups / projects

3. Any partnerships / formal associations with organizations working in the Disabilities Sector

4. Any entrepreneurship programs / initiatives being run in the organization to encourage individuals / teams to convert their ideas to products

5. Opportunities for collaboration that are envisioned with DISQ

Click here to access the catalog of all Assistive Tech startups that have been incubated at Digital Impact Square, a TCS foundation initiative.

Please mail all the submissions to

Last date to send submissions is April 30, 2022


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