Call for applications for UDGAM-HPCL Start-up initiative (Publication date: 20 Jan, 2022) (Results)


HPCL UDGAM Start-up initiative is a program to enable innovators and entrepreneurs pursue a promising idea, establish and validate proof of concept (POC) and support commercialization. HPCL intends to help innovators and entrepreneurs or projects having established proof of concept (POC) in following areas to eventual commercialization / implementation through this initiative:

1.    Green Hydrogen 
2.    Lithium-Ion Batteries 
3.    Renewables like Solar, Wind
4.    Sustainability, Energy Transition – which can support in achieving overall ESG goals 

Please note that HPCL invests in the start-ups through equity investment, so start-ups which have a stabilised product/solution and are willing for equity investments should apply. Start-up needs to be recognised by the DPIIT and aligned with the focus areas mentioned above.

Please find attached document to know more details about the initiative. Interested start-ups please  write to in the provided format (attached) by 25 Jan, 2022. You may attach business plan or any other relevant documents along with the application form.


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