Call for Application - Venture Challenge 6.0 by Atal Incubation Centre - Shiv Nadar University

The Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India is facilitating the Call for Application - Venture Challenge 6.0 by Atal Incubation Centre - Shiv Nadar University

Organized by Atal Incubation Centre - Shiv Nadar University, the Venture Challenge 6.0 is a close door business pitch competition, designed to incubate the aspiring entrepreneurs and support them to start, accelerate and grow their business. The event aims to inspire and actuate brilliant young minds of the country, by exposing them to a competitive atmosphere where they can prove their mettle. 

Participants get the opportunity to pitch their ideas and present the business model which should cover - Venture description, Market Analysis, Unique Value Proposition, Competitive Landscape, Revenue Model, Innovation and Implementation, Social Impact and Future Growth Strategy.

SDG and Thematic Area

Livelihood, Agricultural technologies, Scientific research and sustainable food production system, Nutrition Science, Health, Disease management, Last mile connectivity, Innovations in Sludge management, Water supply to remote areas, Advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel technology, Research and innovation in areas of Renewable energy, Clean Water And Sanitation, Responsible Consumption and Production, Industry innovations, Placement linked technologies, Energy efficiency, Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action, Assistive Technology, Zero Hunger, Food and Nutrition, Good Health And Well Being, Community Engagements, Efficient Storage related innovations, Recycle, Air pollution, Carbon footprint, Sectoral decarbonization research, Green cities projects,, Gender Equality, For Employment, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequalities, Research in Renewable Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Waste management technologies

Emerging Technologies

Additive and subtractive Manufacturing, Big Data and Predictive Analysis, AI, ML, NLP, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Electronics and Semiconductor, Future Mobility, Future Telecommunication (5G and beyond), Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, Medical Devices, Nanotechnology, Others, Virtual And Augmented Reality ex, Product Design


Date: 15th of February 2023

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