Applications invited for the India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Challenge (Publication date: 17 Mar, 2022) (Results)


The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre is currently hosting an Innovation Challenge that is open to start-ups, students, individuals, entrepreneurs and SMEs who are solving healthcare challenges in India through innovative technologies and business models. The India-Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre is envisioned to develop an ecosystem of open innovation that start-ups and the healthcare delivery stakeholders can use to collaborate and address current and future challenges in the healthcare sector in India. This platform will enable development and scale up of solutions through frugal innovation for affordable and accessible healthcare in line with the objectives of the Government of India.

For the current innovation challenge, the center is looking for healthcare solutions that are:
1.   Affordable
2.  Accessible
3.  Scalable
4.  Frugal
5.  Innovative and unique

The application deadline is Oct 10th, 2021. For more details, CLICK HERE

For specific problem statements, CLICK HERE 

In case of any queries, please contact


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