PHC Tech Challenge

Office of PSA partners with PATH for PHC Tech Challenge. The larger goal of the challenge is to advance primary health care and improve health outcomes in India and other low-and-middle income countries. The objective of the PHC Tech Challenge is to bring promising med-tech and digital health innovations from across the globe to key stakeholders including the government, health agencies, donors, development partners, private-sector organizations and providers, etc. 

The mission of PHC Tech Challenge is to accelerate deployment of near-ready solutions in public health settings and improve access to primary health care in India. The program seeks innovative med-tech solutions, digital health innovations, cold chain systems, and frugal innovations that enable overall operationalization of primary health care. Indian and global enterprises who have innovative products benchmarked at TR-8 or beyond can apply.  

Last day to apply: April 22, 2021

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Principal Scientific Adviser on PHC Tech Challenge

“The PHC Tech Challenge is being launched at an opportune moment because innovation in medical technologies is a constant need to meet the challenges of primary health care in India. Importantly, enhancing the primary health care system is a priority for the government in ensuring India’s continuing progress to meet the Sustainable Development Goal on health and well-being for all. Quality, accessibility, and affordability of primary health care services in India is complex and it is rapidly being addressed by the National Health Agency and the National Digital Health Mission. The PHC Tech Challenge is a useful addition to these efforts.” 


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