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The Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India under its “Waste to Wealth” Mission invites applications for the award of Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship to recognize students, community workers/self-help groups, and municipal/sanitary workers who are engaged in tackling the enormous challenge of waste management, scientifically and sustainably. The fellowship is an initiative to empower young innovators who are engaged in community work of waste management/awareness campaigns/waste surveys/studies, etc. as Swachhta Saarthis and implement actions to reduce waste for a greener planet. 

The three categories of awards engaged in waste management community work under the fellowships are as below:

1. Category-A: School students – 9th to 12th standards (The applicants should give credentials of their teacher / guardian who will ensure submission of monthly, half yearly and yearly progress reports)

2. Category-B : Students from UG & PG colleges, Universities/ Institutions and Research students/scholars

3. Category-C : Individual Community Worker/ Self Help Groups (SHGs)  - (a maximum of two applications can be submitted by one SHG) and Sanitation workers.

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Evaluation Process:

A. Basic Screening: Shortlisting of applications

B. Assessment of Information Shared: Assessment of information provided in the application form

C. Result Announcement: An expert committee will evaluate the proposal, and the successful proposals will be provided funding for a period of one year.

Selection Process:

A.    Relevance of the work already done by the applicants

B.    Innovative solutions implemented in their activities

C.    Practicality for replication of the activities undertaken

D.    Engagement of the peers/community

E.    Proposed action plan for a year

F.    Expected outcome and impact




Management Team


Malyaj Varmani (Vice President)  


Malvika Jain (Associate)                                            

For queries write to us at:

For more information on terms and conditions of the fellowship, Click here 

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