Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi delivered his ninth Independence Day speech at the Red Fort in New Delhi on the 76th Independence Day of India. The complete text of the PM’s speech, originally delivered in Hindi, can be found here. In this blog, we curate excerpts of the speech that are relevant to science, technology, and innovation in India.

“Speaking of the PLI scheme (one lakh crore rupees), people from around the world are coming to India to try their luck. They are bringing new technology along with them. They are generating new employment opportunities. India is becoming a manufacturing hub. It is building a foundation for a self-reliant India. Be it manufacturing of electronic goods or mobile phones, today the country is progressing at a very fast pace. Which Indian wouldn't be proud when our Brahmos is exported to the world? Today the Vande Bharat train and our metro coaches are becoming objects of attraction for the world.”

“We have to become self-reliant in the energy sector. How long will we be dependent on others in the field of energy? We should be self-reliant in the fields of solar energy, wind energy, and various other renewable energy sources like Mission Hydrogen, bio fuel and electric vehicles.”

“Today natural farming is also a way of becoming self-reliant. Today the factories of nanofertilizers have brought a new hope in the country. But natural farming and chemical-free farming can give a boost to self-reliance. Today, new employment opportunities in the form of green jobs are opening up very fast in the country. India has opened up 'space' through its policies. India has come up with the most progressive policy regarding drones in the world. We have opened up new doors of opportunities for the youth of the country.”

“I also call upon the private sector to come forward. We have to dominate the world. One of the dreams of a self-reliant India is to ensure that India does not lag behind in fulfilling the needs of the world. Even if it is the MSMEs, we have to take our products to the world with 'Zero Defect - Zero Effect'. We have to be proud of Swadeshi.”

“Till today we always remember our revered Lal Bahadur Shastri ji for his inspirational clarion call of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan meaning “Hail the Soldier, Hail the Farmer". Later Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji added a new link of Jai Vigyan which meant “hail science” and we gave it utmost importance. But in this new phase Amrit Kaal now it is imperative to add jai anusandhaan that is ‘hail innovation’.”

“I repose my utmost faith in our youth of the nation. Witness the power of indigenous innovations. Today we have many success stories to show to the world - UPI-BHIM, our digital payment, our compelling position in the domain of Fintech. Today in the world, 40 percent of real time digital financial transactions are happening in my country. India has shown innovation prowess to the world.”

“Today we are all set to enter the 5G era. You don't have to wait too long before we match the global steps. We are ensuring that optical fiber reaches each and every village until the last mile. I am fully informed that the dream of Digital India will be attained through rural India. Today I am happy that four lakh Common Service Centers of India are being developed in villages which are being managed by the youth of that village. Nation can take pride in the fact that four lakh digital entrepreneurs are being nurtured in the villages, and the rural population is becoming accustomed to benefit from all the services. Such is the power of India to become a technology hub in itself.”

“This Digital India movement of developing semiconductors, entering the 5G era, spreading the network of optical fibres is not just to establish ourselves as modern and developed, but it is possible because of three intrinsic missions. The complete transformation of the education ecosystem, revolution in health infrastructure and improvement in the quality of agricultural life will be possible only through digitalisation.”

“I can foresee that India will march ahead phenomenally in this decade which is hailed as the techade for humanity. It is a decade of technology. In the field of IT, India has become a force to reckon with globally. We have the competencies to contribute in this techade.”

“Our Atal Innovation Mission, our incubation centres, our startups are developing a whole new sector, opening up new opportunities for the younger generation. Whether it is a matter of space mission, whether it is about our Deep Ocean Mission, whether we want to go deep into the ocean or we have to touch the sky, these are new areas, by which we are moving forward.”

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