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AGNIi Mission provides actionable advice for the scaled impact through Technology Advisory Notes, (TAN), Reports & Publications, which focus on how emerging technology and innovation capabilities in India’s innovation ecosystems, startup, and laboratory can address the priorities of the key Government stakeholders. These advisories are optimised for relevance, supporting specific decisions; and for execution, providing decision-makers with guidance they can use in the field. This allows Government agencies with a usable basis for drawing on emerging technology and innovation. By shaping scaled Government engagement with Indian innovation: Office advisories, if executed by agencies concerned,will generate scaled opportunity for Indian startup and laboratory innovation.

Publications and reports

Unmanned Systems for Hostile Environments Technology Advisory Note

Climate Adaptive Water Management Technology Advisory

Climate Adaptive Agriculture Technology Advisory

Enhanced Personnel Performance Technology Advisory


The AGNII Mission has fostered longstanding partnerships with key Central Government as well as State & UT Governments stakeholders. Through these partnerships, we identify how technological solution can deliver tangible impact. Here are some of the snapshots of AGNII team in action on field.

Champawat Field Visit 2.0

For Innovators

AGNIi Mission has a curated and growing portfolio of 1500+ innovators across diverse sectors and technology domains. We have been providing these innovators opportunity to connect with the relevant stakeholders through the Field Technology Showcases. If you are an Indian innovator – startup or laboratory – developing emerging technology solutions that these domains can use at a high level of readiness, or an aggregator of such innovators (incubator, centre of excellence, or accelerator): we would love to hear from you.

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