ATRACT-Life Program

The ATRACT-Life program is an integrated ‘Research Translation & Commercialization’ program under the Discovery to Innovation Accelerator (DIA) program at C-CAMP. The primary goal of the ATRACT-Life program is to foster innovations for society by leveraging the strength of Indian academic research and C-CAMP’s translational resources. The ATRACT-Life program has been ‘Catalysed & Supported by the Office of Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India’.



Translation of basic lab-based research is an inherently risky venture owing to uncertainty in scientific feasibility and market/societal adaptability for any research work. This problem gets aggravated further by the lack of specific resources to academics for testing, validating, and refining their lab-scale ideas in the field. Any new innovation is fruitless unless it reaches society, and that happens effectively only through the medium of industry. Thus, it is absolutely vital to establish processes to make a lab discovery industry-ready.

The ATRACT-Life program under the DIA program at C-CAMP has been conceived primarily for this cause:

1. The ATRACT-Life program will provide active translational support to risky yet exciting ideas from academia, enabling the transformation of basic science discoveries into de-risked commercial innovations for society.

2. The ATRACT-Life program has been designed, with the strong involvement of academic and industrial partners, to understand and catalyze the adaptation of potentially impactful scientific discoveries for existing or future industrial/societal needs.



Through the ATRACT-Life program, the DIA team will leverage C-CAMP’s extensive R&D resources in transforming the lab-scale ideas from Indian academia into actualized products for the market. This ‘Lab to Market’ approach of DIA would benefit the scientists, research organizations, industry, and society in general, while stimulating ‘Innovate in India’, with life sciences as the area of focus.

1. The program will invite proposals from Indian academic organizations through an annual ‘National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC) and will identify the most exciting and relevant scientific discoveries for translation through a thorough screening procedure.

2. The proposals selected for ‘Research Translation & Commercialization’ will be jointly developed by the applicant/inventor (and their organization/s) and the DIA team (C-CAMP). For this purpose, a road map for the development of the proposed innovation will be created for each proposal with inputs from academic and industrial partners.

3. DIA team will secure the required funding and carry out all of the translational work at C-CAMP in close collaboration with the applicant/inventor(s).

4. For ensuring the successful translation of proposals, the DIA team would actively engage with industry and other relevant stakeholders, such as regulatory agencies, Govt. and non-govt. funding bodies, patenting authorities, etc.

National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization

DIA is announcing its annual call for proposals, the 'National Call for Translation of Research And Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC 2021), under the ATRACT-Life program. The call is open for Academic Discoveries/Inventions, which require support for translating into technologies with potential for significant impact in the different fields of Life sciences, including areas such as Human Health Care, Animal Health Care, Primary & Secondary Agriculture, and Environment.  


Who Can Apply

The Program welcomes exciting research proposals from Indian academic researchers (from any recognized research institute in India, working in any scientific stream) for developing an innovation (technology, device, resource, etc.), so long as the proposed innovation has a clear utility in the field of life sciences.  


Application Process

The submitted proposals for innovations will be carefully screened by an expert committee and the selection process will include two rounds of screening.

Key criteria for the selection process are:

  • Underlying Scientific Novelty
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Industrial Adaptability & Scalability
  • Market & Societal Impact of Proposed Innovations


  • ‘National Call for Translation of Research & Commercialization’ (NC-TRAC 2021) Closes on: 15th December, 2021
  • Shortlisting of Proposals for Translation by: 07th March , 2022


How to Apply

For submitting a Discovery/Invention or an Idea for Innovation as a ‘Research Translation & Commercialization’ project during the current call (NC-TRAC 2021), please click here .

Please try and fill the entire form in one go. To assist with this purpose, a dummy template for the ‘NC-TRAC 2021’ application form can be downloaded by clicking here. This template can be used for finalizing the application details, which could then be copy-pasted onto the online application form in one go.  


For any queries regarding the ATRACT-Life program and the NC-TRAC 2021 application process, please write to ‘’, or call us at 080-6718 5055 (+91-80-6718 5055). 


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