Drones in defence security and surveillance

Date: 22.10.2021
Time: 03:00 PM

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Dr. Satyanarayanan R. Chakravarthy, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras
Dr. Chakravarthy’s interests lie in the field of energy and combustion, covering aspects of solid propellants, combustion dynamics, laser diagnostics and spray characterization. He is coordinating the National Centre for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD) (established by DST since 2011), and the Centre of Propulsion Technologies (being established with the support of DRDO. He has been honored for engineering excellence in the area. Dr. Chakravarthy received his early training at IIT Madras and the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Georgia Tech during 1996-97 and as Visiting Faculty at the Department of Aerospace Engineering at IIT Madras during 1997-98, before permanently joining the latter department in 1998 as Assistant Professor. He has been a Professor there since 2009.



Ankit Mehta, Co-founder & CEO of ideaForge
Ankit Mehta is an IIT Bombay alumni. The company is leading the charge to deliver cutting-edge technology that is Made-in-India. ideaForge is a product-focused Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems company, developing drone solutions for a variety of applications. Built on a strong foundation of interdisciplinary engineering, ideaForge endeavors to push the envelope of UAV technology and drive its adoption to help maximize impact in enhancing productivity and security for the end-users.


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