Tech up-gradation of engineering goods for high tech exports and value-added manufacturing

Engineering goods sector is increasingly being competitive in the international market context, owing to ever enhancing standards stipulations and regulatory frameworks, as implemented by developed countries. Technology up-gradation of the Indian engineering goods, therefore, is increasingly seen as one of the prerequisites for adding value to and improving quality of these products, in order to be competitive internationally. Initiative towards this was taken up by the Office of PSA jointly with the Department of Commerce, after examining and analysing the export performance of the country in this segment for the past one and half decades.

Enhanced industry institute interaction is critical to achieve this. A Brainstorming meeting involving industry representatives national mission oriented agencies, national laboratories, academia and other stakeholders, identified three engineering goods/sector as priority areas for technology up-gradation involving appropriate industry / national laboratory / academia groups these are:

(i) Industrial Valves

(ii) Electric Motors

(iii) Medical Devices and related areas.