Earth Museum

The Indian subcontinent has a unique and diverse geological heritage that needs to be preserved as it links our present to the past. India was a cradle for the evolution of many biotic elements and their subsequent dispersal to other continents. Thus, fossils and geological features form an important component of India's natural heritage besides their role in understanding past and present-day climate systems and in the exploration of natural resources. It is important that our unique geological heritage should be showcased in an exemplary manner, which is both scientific and educative-- through establishing a state-of-the-art Earth Museum.

The Earth Museum will not only serve as a national repository for specimen fossil preservation and conservation, but will also be designed as a major centre for research in geological and other natural sciences. This will help educate students and citizens about the exploration, conservation and preservation of our natural heritage, along with its academic and scientific significance.

The History of  the World in India - The Indian Express