Information on COVID-19

Complete List of initiatives by the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, on COVID-19


1. Facilitation steps for speedy implementation of COVID-19 research, development and innovation.

2. MoHFW - Guidelines on rational use of Personal Protective Equipment

3. Institutes for validation of non-US FDA EUA/CE IVD approved kits

4. Face Covers for curbing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus - A manual on homemade face covers.

5. Guidelines for hygiene and sanitation in densely populated areas, during COVID-19 pandemic

6. Handbook for COVID-19 testing in Research Institutions

7. OM for focused Research on Corona Vaccines and other S&T Issues

8. COVID-19 Medical Inventory - Medical Inventory Requirement Projection

9. Call For Agri Technologies

10. List of experts from the Science Academies of India

11. COVID-19 Biomedical Waste Treatment: An Innovation Challenge

(Note: The modelling exercise on a Covid-medical Inventory reported was done independently by the authors with no interference or direction from government or the PSA’s office. The PSA’s office has no role  or responsibility whatsoever in the development of the methods, for the predictions made, or for the content and interpretations. The PSA’s office suggested potential collaborators as we do for many dozens of projects. No funding or other support was provided.
Some media outlets have, avoidably, used misleading headlines in their reports. Such click-bait headlines that sensationalise research efforts/models as reality, rather than examine and critique the science and its approaches, are not warranted at any time and certainly not at present. They do neither the public nor researchers service.)